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Telecommunications: Ministerial Meeting Of The Program Member Countries Central African Backbone (CAB)

Brazzaville houses of 4 to 5 February 2014, a ministerial meeting on the interconnection of Fibre Optic Network, gathering the Central African countries involved in the Central African Backbone Program (CAB).

Organized by the Project Coordination Unit CAB - Congo, under the leadership of the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, with the technical support of the Regulatory Agency for Post and Electronic Communications (ARPCE), the meeting held in the conference room of the ARPCE, has the overall objective of enabling countries covered by the CAB to accelerate their integration into their interconnecting Fibre Optics telecommunications infrastructure. Specifically, it will be for experts from different countries: (i) ownership generally the sub-regional infrastructure plan; (ii) study issues in structuring regional interconnection agreements; (iii) strengthen exchanges and bilateral discussions taking into account the approach of the CEMAC on interconnection issues; (iv) enact all the decision by the signing of a joint declaration, known as Brazzaville, based on the results of the work and the signing of a bilateral memorandum of interconnection between the Republic of Congo and Gabon.

The work of the meeting was opened by the Congolese Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Thierry Lezin Moungalla; in the presence of his counterpart from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Mr. Tryphon Kin Kiey Mulumba, His Excellency the Ambassador of Gabon to Congo, Barthélémie Ongayi, the Resident Representative of the World Bank in Congo, Sylvie Dossou and Director General of ARPCE, Yves Castanou.

Speaking of the importance of this meeting, Mr Luc Missidibanzi, Project Coordinator CAB - Congo, said that "member countries involved in the CAB program will through this meeting, a common vision of regional tools for interconnection Optical Fiber telecommunications networks approved by the authorities of each State "

Sylvie Dossou, Resident Representative of the World Bank in Congo, for his part stressed that "the interconnection between projects Fiber Optic Central African countries should therefore its implementation, create appropriate conditions for sustainable development and contribute to the achievement of inclusive economic growth, strong and reducing poverty and the digital divide in all countries interconnected. "

Note that the "Central African Backbone" project is a project of the World Bank and cooperation of States of Central Africa, which aims to boost the momentum needed for the construction of Very Broadband telecommunications infrastructure in the subregion

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