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.cg Field (Naming Policy)

Article 16: Confidentiality of personal data

The processing of personal data in the context of the administrative and technical management of the domain names ".cg" is subject to the laws and regulations in force.

Article 17: Control

Manager of the ".cg" reserves the right to make the necessary checks on registered domain names and at any time. The provider like the domain name holder must provide all documents and estimated useful information for such control.

  1. Chapter IV: Dispute Treatment

Article 18: arbitral and judicial Skills

Failing an amicable settlement under the auspices of the National Policy Council ACNIC, any dispute arising from the application of this Charter shall be submitted to the local competent courts.

Article 19: Right to information

In case of dispute, the manager agrees to provide any information in its possession concerning the applicant or the disputed domain names to the request of the competent authorities. The domain name in dispute remains active during the course of the dispute resolution procedure. No changes for the can be made by the Manager.

Article 20: Law applicable to the charter

When the dispute concerns a domain name ".cg" relating to trademarks, trade or services protected in Congo, the applicant is required to comply with the provisions of the African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI) and copyright and related rights. The Dispute Resolution Regulations refer to the guidelines governing the uniform resolution of disputes relating to domain names of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This dispute resolution law applies to all domain names.

  1. Chapter V transients and final provisions

Article 21: Period of validity of existing domain names

The names of existing domains remain valid. As of the date of entry into force of this Charter, the holders must comply with the requirements thereof within a period of one year.

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