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.cg Field (Naming Policy)

Article 12: Right on the domain name

The holder of a domain name must comply with all provisions of this Charter. On his domain he has only a right of use throughout the period of validity of the registration. The mission carried out by the ACNIC or by providers does not confer any intellectual property in the names of registered domains.

Article 13: Eligible Domain Names

13.1: Basic principles

Domain names must not infringe the competition rules, trade, morality, public order, the rights of third parties, including the name, the image and reputation of a natural person or legal. Domain names should not be less than two (2) or more than two hundred and fifty five (255) characters in total. Finally, a domain name is not the purpose or effect of causing confusion in the public mind about a natural or legal person.

13.2: Characters acceptable

domain name can not be registered unless it is composed of a combination of the following characters:

  • the letters a to z (no accent is accepted). Domain names can be registered in lowercase or uppercase letters. No distinction will be made between upper and lowercase letters;
  • the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9;
  • the hyphen (without it can not be used at the beginning or end of a domain name).

13.3: banned terms

Domain names should not undermine national security, public order, to state interests and public institutions, or be contrary to morals and good customs, and they should not undermine religion, language, culture, political or use words to tribal or racist

The applicant is free to choose its domain name. However, if, in retrospect, the competent authorities consider that this name infringes safety, public order, to state interests and public institutions, or is contrary to morals and good customs, the manager removes after informing the service provider. The Manager will motivate the decision.

13.4: Reserved Terms

These domain names whose registration is subject to special conditions related to the identity and the applicant's right. In respect of areas "reserved" include, for example, technical terms of the Internet (arpanet, inaddr, ipv6, icann, etc.), the names of regulated professions (lawyer, surgeon, doctor, pharmacist, etc.) terms related to the functioning and state institutions (embassy, ministry, police, etc.), city names (Dolisie, Mossaka, mossendzo, Oyo, Kimongo etc.), generic terms, etc. They also concern the names having been subject to a filing with national, regional and international authorities responsible for the protection of trademark rights, according to international conventions signed by the State of Congo.
The list of reserved words is available on the Manager's website. This list is scalable and the applicant is invited to read it online.

Article 14: Processing of applications for registrationt

Applications to register domain names ".cg" are necessarily presented to the Manager through a provider. They must meet the following conditions:

  • Request made by the service provider
  • The requested domain name must be free, according to WHOIS, available on the Manager's website;
  • The requested domain name is registered by one of the extensions listed in Article 7.

The provider ensures that the request of his client respects the terms of this charter. It is held responsible for any breach of the recording conditions. The service provider must inform the applicant of the domain name information in the "Reservation Form" available on the Manager's website. He must ensure that the information provided by the applicant is accurate. The registration applications will be processed on a "first come, first served". The processing time, by the Manager, an application for full registration shall not exceed two (2) working days.

Once satisfied with the registration, the manager informs the service provider. When the registration application is not complete, inform the manager the service provider in a period not exceeding two (2) business days from the date of filing stating the missing elements to the application for registration . If, within a period of 5 additional days not been completed said information, the domain will not be reserved. He will remain available for registration purposes by another three (5) business days after notification of the service manager that demand was not met. The provider must advise the applicant that the application for registration was rejected and canceled.

Article 15: Transfer of domain names

Domain names may be the subject of a transfer subject to the fulfillment of this Charter and under the conditions defined by the National Policy of ACNIC Council.

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