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.cg Field (Naming Policy)

  1. 1. Chapter III: Conditions of Use and award

Article 7: Domain Name Extensions ".cg"

The naming zones delegated to the Manager include the main extension ".cg" and descriptive as extensions or extensions.
The descriptive extensions to describe an activity or any security. They are divided into:

  • for education and vocational training
  • for organizations and associations
  • for organizations and associations
  • for Careers in Culture
  • for government agencies
  • for companies
  • for administrations working in ICT networks
  • for hospitals
  • for town halls
  • for newspapers
  • for museums
  • for individuals.
  • for international organizations
  • for embassies

If necessary, the Manager may create other descriptive extensions. Any extension must be declared at the manager servers. The presentation of corresponding supporting the requested domain name is sent by any means, to the manager or to providers during the registration. The manager must publish the justifications for each descriptive extension and perform their audit before awarding the domain name.

Article 8: subdomain

The applicant of the domain name has all the rights to use them in areas that will be associated, without additional fees. The service provider can under no circumstances sell registering subdomains created in the areas it has recorded.

Article 9: Provider

Any provider ".cg" must be approved in accordance with conditions defined by the National Commission of ACNIC orientation by in return for an annual fee manager. . Claimant must prove to the manager of the exercise of an activity directly connected with the Internet (Internet service providers, web hosting, web development, domain name registration, etc.). To this end, the service provider must meet all the following conditions:

  • be a Congolese registered company or be recognized by ICANN.
  • have at least two DNS servers.
  • have a flat shape viable services permanently connected to the Internet 7 days / 7 - 24/24.
  • have a minimum of 30 domain names per year.

The provider must provide the administrative contact a manager and a technical contact for each applicant for a domain name. Applicants must communicate to each manager and the providers a phone number, a physical address and electronic identification. Information on such contacts should be maintained with the Manager. Failure to respect this obligation entails blocking, for a period of one month, then if nothing is done deletion of the domain name.

The list of recipients is maintained by the manager and reported on its website.

The holder of a domain name may change subject provider to meet its contractual obligations to the previous supplier.

LThe Manager has a right to look at the terms and conditions of the services offered by providerse gestionnaire dispose d’un droit de regard sur les conditions générales d’utilisation des services offerts par les prestataires

Article 10: The applicant

The applicant may be a natural or legal person. Individuals must be having a major address in Congo. The corporation is represented by an individual called administrative contact, duly authorized to that effect. The applicant's administrative contact must be established in the Congo. Domain name applicants .cg domiciled abroad must designate a representative established in the Congo or, failing that, to provide a letter of accreditation for the service provider, to perform the registration and management of their domain name in .cg. In case of cessation of activities of a service provider, holders of domain names involved, will have to choose another provider.

Article 11: Validity of a domain name

A domain name is registered for a period of one year renewable by tacit agreement, subject to compliance with the provisions of this charter and the terms of the contract between the provider and the holder. Upon termination, a specific request must be submitted to the Manager.

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