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.cg Field (Naming Policy)

Congo considers ICT access for all layers of society as an essential element of its strategy for economic and social development. The development of services and ICT content becomes imperative in this time when the information society is built. It is in this perspective that the organization, development and management of the national Internet domain ".cg" are emerging as major and strategic issues. Thus, a naming policy adapted to the needs and ambitions of the Congo is necessary to fix the procedures and rules of the game management of this resource; hence the present charter.

This charter is structured in four chapters. The first chapter covers the scope, the second specifies the definitions and principles governing the allocation and use. The conditions of allocation and use of .cg are discussed in Chapter Three; Finally, chapter four fixed the transitional and final provisions.

  1. Chapter I: scope
  2. Article 1: Objectives

    This naming policy is to fix the administrative and technical management rules for domain names ".cg".

  3. Chapter II: Definitions and principles
  4. Article 2: Definitions

    For the purposes of this Charter, the term:

    • Naming policy on domain names ".cg": the set of rules for the registration, administration and maintenance of domain names ".cg".
    • Manager: organization in charge of the administrative and technical management of the domain names ".cg" maintenance of databases and public search services and operation of servers.
    • Applicant: any natural or legal person making a request to register a domain name.
    • Provider: body under agreement by the manager that mediates between the manager and applicants, and is responsible for the registration and modification of information on its customers domain names (domain name applicants or holders) .
    • Dispute about a domain name: any challenge made by a natural or legal person about his right to a domain name already registered by someone else.
    • Domain name: alphanumeric term consisting of a series of characters called radical and a suffix also called extension (.cg to this Charter). Each domain has a corresponding IP address and vice versa.
    • DNS "Domain Name System" or literally the Domain Name System is an organized and hierarchical database that allows for the mapping between the domain name and IP address.
    • DNS Server: Server used to host domain names.
    • WHOIS: Public service database for conducting research to obtain information about a domain name or an IP address. In general, the WHOIS allows publishing physical contact associated with the domain name or IP address (administrative and / or technical contact).
    • Deleting a domain name: remove procedure of a domain name of the DNS servers and WHOIS database. The domain name becomes free and can be registered again.
    • Naming zone: set of a top level domain (main extension) and one or more second level domains (descriptive extensions).
    • Sub - area: a subdomain is the naming portion before domain name (format:

Article 3: Principle of transparency

The assignment of domain names takes place in a transparent, non-discriminatory and objective. It is subject to payment of royalties in accordance with the pricing policy adopted by the board of directors of the ACNIC

Article 4: Principle of equality

The assignment of domain names is done in compliance with the principle of non-discrimination or equal treatment. It is subject to compliance with the regulations in force in Congo.

Article 5: Principle of enforceability

The applicant or the holder of a domain name ".cg" is deemed to have read the terms of this charter and to accept without reservation the sole fact of having applied for registration or transmission of a name area

Article 6: Principle of Responsibility

The Manager shall not be liable for technical dysfunctions related to a registered domain or due to cases of force majeure. Thus, the provider is responsible for the proper technical processing of applications by the beneficiaries of domain names. By mocking the applicant is solely responsible for the accuracy and completeness of information provided to providers.

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