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91 bis, Avenue de l'Amitié centre-ville Brazzaville, Immeuble ARPCE.
Téléphone: (+242) 055107272


  • History

Under the leadership of ARPCE (Regulatory Agency for Post and Electronic Communications), the Republic of Congo was endowed June 9, 2011, an association called the Congolese branch of Congo Internet naming (ACNIC), new structure responsible for managing the Internet domain naming of Congo, ie the '.cg'. The Creation of ACNIC This mixed association comprised of representatives of government, private, civil society, public safety and the University, is the result of cooperation between the different actors of the sector and meets the international requirements for electronic governance.
Given the stakes and digital development prospects in the Republic of Cogno, this association plays a major role in the reliability of transfers of electronic communications. The infrastructure of this system is an important link in the Congolese digital ecosystem.

  • Les missions

The main tasks of the ACNIC are::

  • the establishment of the plan name ("naming") of the .cg area or other areas that are in its custody;
  • the implementation of the naming of the Internet in accordance with Congolese law and dissemination of relevant information;
  • exploiting access to Internet name servers for the .cg area or other areas that are in its custody;
  • transfer at national and international level, knowledge and know-how for naming;
  • the promotion and popularization of the domain name in .cg or other areas that are in its custody;
  • any mission entrusted to him by the government as part of the management of the Internet. Headquarters

  • Siège social

Currently ACNIC's offices are located in the premises of the Regulatory Agency for Post and Electronic Communications (PACE). situated 91 bis, Avenue of Friendship downtown, Congo Brazzaville.

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